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Snowflake Large Files Upload

With leading-edge technologies such as these which are massively dependant upon and producers of data, the need for data architecture and data system design becomes even more important.

The Role of Data Architecture

  • Plays a guiding role for organizations in executing business models and strategies
  • Provides factual, punctual, & qualitative data support for decisions
  • Similar to blood flow through the body, data can flow throughout the enterprise to all departments. Just as blood is vital to the organs, data is vital to the departments. This data flow can be limited by the silos we mentioned earlier in the lesson.

Great data warehouse solution

Link to install snowSQL on MacOS

If you are getting snowsql: command not found error try to switch to root using the following command sudo -i.

Notes on SnowSQL on local computer

In the terminal on your local computer, you will need to enter the correct information in order to connect correctly and verify the installation.

You will need 3 things to continue 

  • account name
    • You will find this in the URL of your browser while logged into Snowflake. It is the part between https:// and
    • see screenshot below
  • username
  • password

The complete command you will enter in your terminal is

snowsql -u xxxxxx -a

You will be prompted for your password

After successful login, the system will respond with

* SnowSQL * v1.2.10

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